31 de agosto de 2012

In This World Ranking, We Are #24 by dianeravitch


The survey establishes the importance of early childhood education, which is supported by extensive research.
It says:
"This Index assumes that all 
children, regardless of their background, 
legal status and ability to pay, have a right to 
affordable, quality preschool provision."
Then, it ranks 45 nations by their provision of early childhood education.
The United States is #24, tied with the United Arab Emirates.
Can we expect to see editorials across the U.S. about this shockingly poor performance?
Can we expect to see a Hollywood film--documentary or fictionalized--about this shameful statistic?
Will we soon hear reformers insisting that all three- and four-year-olds should be able to participate in a high-quality program that has well-prepared and credentialed teachers and small class sizes?
Now that's a reform movement we could all support.

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